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5 Ways to Declutter Your Child’s Room

5 Ways to Declutter Your Child’s Room

Amid the delightful chaos that comes with parenting, one area seems to resist our best efforts at taming it: our children’s rooms. With toys thrown everywhere and clothes scattered across the floor, keeping their rooms tidy and organised can feel like a constant battle. Whether it’s your child’s bedroom or their playroom, here are our tips for making decluttering your kid’s room easier.

Sort and Categorise Items

Similar to decluttering your whole house, the process is easier if you break it up into different areas. A great way to begin decluttering is to sort your child’s belongings into categories. Designate separate boxes for toys, clothes, crafts, books etc. This will help you have an overview of what needs to be sorted. This also helps to break the process up into manageable chunks for you and your child.

Assign a Place for Everything

A big reason children’s rooms are left messy is because their things haven’t been assigned a place. When items don't have a designated spot to return them to, they’ll end up being left on tables, beds or the floor. Make sure there’s a space for everything in your child’s room and keep them accountable for putting things back in the correct spot. Dedicating one area for each item category will also help you make decisions when decluttering. For example, dedicate all of their coloured pencils to one drawer.

Involve Your Child in the Decluttering Process

Make decluttering a collaborative effort by involving your child in the decision-making process. Discussing with your child what items they want to keep or discard will make the decluttering process easier. By allowing them to play an active role in designing their organisational system, they can develop important problem-solving skills. 

Choose Functional Toy Storage

Toy storage must work for your kids and how they use their toys. Choosing a solution based on how we as parents like to organise can ultimately lead to frustration. Consider how and where your kids play with their toys and plan their toy storage around them. Remember, as kids grow and their needs change their toy storage will need to adapt with them, so it’s important to be flexible.

Make Decluttering a Routine

Kids are constantly growing out of things. This is partly why clutter seems to build up in their rooms. It’s important to routinely reassess and declutter your kid’s room to make adjustments. Set up a schedule to regularly sort through your children’s toys and clothes with them. Regularly sort through the toys they no longer want and the clothes that don’t fit anymore.

Decluttering your kid's bedroom is an important task that can improve your child’s daily routine and playtime. If you find yourself seeking more expert guidance for decluttering your child’s room, look no further than Well Organised. Our team of professional organisers can not only help transform your kid’s playroom but also your entire home. Contact our team to find out how we can help you create a more organised home.

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