Helping You Create a More Organised Life

General FAQs

  • How Long Does Home Organising Take?

    We book by the session with a minimum of three hours. While each client’s situation is unique:

    • Three hours can be enough to complete a small space.
    • Larger projects are better suited to multiple sessions of four to six hours each.
    • Longer sessions of up to eight hours per day are recommended in time-sensitive situations such as moves.

    The final 10 minutes of each session are dedicated to packing up, reviewing our progress and if required setting a follow-up.

  • Do I Need to be Present?

    We can work side by side with you the whole time or on our own with intermittent input from you, however in most cases the editing stage needs to be completed together as we go through items and decide what needs to be kept/donated/discarded.  We provide plenty of assistance and encouragement throughout this process, but ultimately it is completely your decision on what you wish done with your belongings.
  • How much does a professional organiser cost?

    This is a questions we often get asked, and it can be hard to give a definitive answer. The cost depends on a number of factors, including;
    • The size of your spaces and the number of possessions you have
    • How quickly you can make decisions about what you want to keep/donate/discard
    • Whether you require additional storage solutions
    It is not always possible however to give an accurate estimate and jobs may require more sessions/hours than initially thought depending on a variety of factors as each job and client is unique. We will continue to review at each session.
  • How Many Organisers will Attend?

    It all depends on the size and time-frame of the project.  Small projects may only require the one organiser, however for most projects there will be two organisers present.  If it is a large job like a relocation or in situations where there are significant amounts of clutter, it may be more productive and cost-effective to bring along additional team members. This will be discussed prior to the start of a project.
  • I'm Embarrassed About the Amount of Clutter I Have!

    At Well Organised we have seen it all.  Please don't be embarrassed as we do not judge you, we assess the situation so we can work out how best we can assist.  We understand everyone has busy lives, and having the time to declutter and organise your home can be very time consuming and often not high on the priority list of jobs you have to complete on a day-to-day basis.  Sometimes, there are years of stored items, and it becomes overwhelming to tackle the job yourself.  This is where we excel, we can see through the clutter, and help you create a more organised life by implementing systems that are suited to your own needs, habits, and preferences.  We respect your privacy and maintain confidentiality at all times.
  • Do You Work Weekends & Public Holidays?

    We understand not everyone has availability during weekday hours and we will attempt to co-ordinate a time that suits you, however Weekends, Public Holidays and after hours sessions attract a 20% loading.
  • I have funding available through the NDIS, do you provide organising support that aligns with my funding?

    Well Organised endeavour to provide a service that exceeds our clients’ expectations, part of that service often includes additional tasks that are in excess to what is covered under funded packages, i.e. NDIS, Home Care Package Services, etc.

    To address this, we have created a separate business that reflects more accurately the requirements of ‘funded’ clients. Please visit our Perth Decluttering Services website for more details.

  • I Live Outside of Perth, Will You Travel to Organise my Home?

    Absolutely, Well Organised offers local in-home services for Perth and beyond. Consultations, appointments, product sourcing or meetings completed outside of a 25 km radius of the Perth CBD area may incur a travel fee.   If you are located significantly outside of our main service area, eg; a regional or remote area, interstate or overseas, do not despair, we can arrange in-home services with a travel component or may be able to assist virtually. We can discuss what will work best during our initial phone consultation.

    We love helping clients set up holiday homes ready for personal use or short term rental and providing relocation assistance for those moving further afield.

  • Do I Need to Purchase Storage Containers?

    Clients often have enough storage containers although they are not always utilised in the best manner.  Where possible we like to use what you have however, there may be a need to purchase additional storage solutions, which we can arrange.   We will always liaise with you on the purchase of additional storage items for use in your home.  Well Organised can recommend storage products that we know from our experience work, however you do not need to purchase the items from us or that we have recommended, feel free to use alternatives if you wish.
  • Do You Put Together Flat-Pack Furniture or Install Shelving, etc.?

    Depending the items we can assist with erecting flat pack furniture, however we do not move heavy furniture or do installations.  We can recommend people to assist with this, however we take no responsibility for their workmanship.
  • Will You Purchase Furniture Items For My Home on My Behalf?

    We can provide advice and suggestions regarding furniture purchases, but our services do not include the purchase of these items.

Shop FAQs

  • Do you ship interstate and/or overseas?

    We ship our labels to customers all over the world,.

    • Pre-printed Label Packs are posted within 48 hours.
    • Custom-made labels may take up to 1–2 weeks.
    Prior to proceeding with your purchase, please check your contact details are correct, we cannot accept responsibility for contact information inserted incorrectly.
  • I need my items urgently, can you assist?

    If you need your labels delivered quickly, select Express Shipping at checkout. Express Shipping means that your package will be sent quicker via Australia Post, however Well Organised are not responsible for how long delivery will take once with Australia Post.

  • How much will the shipping cost?

    Shipping and handling costs start from $5.95 and your total shipping charge will be calculated at checkout.

  • How long will it take to receive my order?

    We endeavour to ship your order as soon as possible but have no control over delivery times. We will contact you once the order has been shipped so you can track your package delivery.
  • Loss or Damage of package

    Once your order has been shipped Well Organised cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage to your package, please contact the carrier directly.