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5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Organising Your Home

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Organising Your Home

Organising your home can often be a daunting task. However, the benefits of having an organised home make it worth it in the long run. Spaces with lots of items require lots of decisions which can feel overwhelming.

Using organising tips and resources, such as a decluttering checklist, can make organising easier and as effective as possible. Another great organising tip is to ask yourself questions while organising a space. This will help you determine which items to keep and where to put them. Here’s our list of five questions to ask yourself while decluttering and organising your home.

1. What areas of your home cause you the most stress or discomfort?

By identifying trouble areas, you're taking the first step towards a more organised home. These areas could be anything from cluttered countertops to overflowing wardrobes. By acknowledging these stress-inducing zones, you're giving yourself a clear starting point.

Focus on these areas first to experience immediate relief, and gradually work your way through the rest of your space. This will also make organising other spaces easier. Tackling these stress zones not only improves your home but also brings a sense of relief.

2. When was the last time I used this item?

This question prompts you to assess the usefulness of each item you own. We often accumulate items over time, and many end up sitting untouched for months or even years. By asking yourself when you last used an item, you're making a conscious decision on what is truly essential. Decluttering your home makes organising easier as there are fewer items to find a place for.

As you sort through your possessions, consider whether you could live without certain items. This evaluation helps declutter your home, leaving you with items that align with your needs and lifestyle. This can be a difficult process for some people as many items in your home can hold sentimental value. The decluttering process is easier when done with family or a professional organiser. They can help guide you to make the right decision for each item.

3. How much space does this item take up?

The space an item occupies is a critical factor in home organisation. Limited space is a reality for most of us, and optimising it is essential. By asking this question, you're quantifying the impact of an item on your living space. It’s helpful to take note of how much storage space you have to work with while decluttering.

Imagine a wardrobe where bulky items take up space that could be better used. Assessing the space an item consumes encourages you to think creatively about storage solutions and space-saving strategies.

4. How can you organise your daily essentials for easy access?

One of the main purposes of home organisation is to make everyday living easier and more enjoyable. This question shines a spotlight on your daily routine and helps you streamline your everyday life. Your home should support your habits and make your routines smoother. Consider where you leave your keys, charge your devices, or sort your mail. By setting up dedicated spaces for these daily essentials, you eliminate frantic searches and save valuable time in your day.

5. Is there a better way to store these items?

This question prompts you to reevaluate your storage methods. It's easy to fall into the trap of using your current storage solutions, even if they're not the most efficient. By questioning the way you store items, you open the door to innovation and improvement.

Consider alternatives that could enhance accessibility and visibility. Could your kitchen utensils be better organised in hanging racks? Would transparent containers make finding food easier? This question invites you to explore new ways to store items to create an organised space that’s easy to maintain.

Need More Home Organising Advice?

These five questions are a great guide to help you transform your home. If you’re still finding it difficult to declutter and organise, remember there are people to reach out to for help. As a professional organiser, Well Organised can assist you in answering the above questions. Our team can help guide you through the home organisation process. Contact us to see how we can help find the best solution for your home.

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