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Tips for Organising Your Linen Cupboard

Tips for Organising Your Linen Cupboard

How does the thought of your friends opening your linen cupboard make you feel? If like many, you dread the thought in case everything falls out, it is time to give your linen cupboard an overhaul. Here are some of our tips to help you better organise your linen cupboard. These simple adjustments can make a drastic change to how you use this space.

Tip 1: Discard Unwanted Bedsheets and Towels

Most linen cupboards are packed full of so much stuff you do not use. This makes it difficult to find things when you actually need them. But even worse, it makes putting linen away ridiculous – and closing that door almost impossible.

Each bed can only have one set of sheets on at a time. Even with one going through the laundry, do you need all those extra sheets? If the sheets are visibly worn, have loose elastic or no longer suit your taste, it’s time for them to go. Seriously, be tough here. You need to make it easier to find and put away the things you love and use.

When I started digging through my linen cupboard last year, I even found my daughter’s first cot sheet set (she’s now a teenager). They were so sweet and special that I put them aside with her baby clothes which are packed in a protected vacuum pack bag at the top of our storage cupboard. They’re now out of the linen cupboard and no longer at risk of being ruined, allowing space for regularly used linens.

What about all those towels? Get rid of the scratchy ones you never like to use or the ones that are so thin they are almost transparent. Old towels can be utilised in the garage or cut up for dust cloths. If possible, try and keep all bath towels the same size and/or colour. This makes it easier to fold and stack them. If you have had the same towels for decades, it might be time to replace them.

Tip 2: Group Everything by Category

Are you always digging through the mess to find what you need and which sheets fit which bed? Start by storing similar items together, i.e. single bedding, queen bedding, king bedding, face cloths, hand towels, bath mats etc. This will not only make finding items easier but also make returning items to the correct spot less difficult.

Tip 3: Use High Sided Baskets

If your piles of linen keep falling over in your cupboard because they’re not folded properly, try storing them in baskets. By using baskets in your linen cupboard, your folded linen will no longer fall to the ground whenever you open the door. It also looks more aesthetically pleasing and allows you to throw unmatched items in the baskets along with those fitted sheets you have never been able to fold. This result is a linen cupboard that’s neat and organised.

Tip 4: Label Everything Clearly

Label all of your baskets and containers, and if linen is stored directly on shelves, label these as well. Labelling allows everyone to clearly see where each item is stored making it easier to find things, but more importantly, put them away

Tip 5: Put Large Items at the Top

Top shelves are often akward spaces that are diifcult to access and utilise. Consider using this space for spare pillows, cushions and doonas that can easily be put up there and stacked, and importantly will not cause injury when taking them down.

Tip 6: Consider Other Spaces

If you can’t easily fit all the bedding and towels into your linen cupboard, there are other options. Floor space at the bottom of the cupboard can easily be used by adding another set of baskets or large pull-out drawers.

The goal is to make everything easily fit. When it is tight to start with, chances are it is not going to stay organised. Leave yourself room to put things away easily. Consider under-bed storage or the top of wardrobes in your bedrooms as an alternative to a central linen cupboard.

Tip 7: What to do with Your Unwanted Linen and Towels

Linen and towels that you no longer use but are in good condition can be donated to the usual charities. Sheridan also has a fabulous recycling program that allows you to drop your linen off at their boutique, studio or outlet stores. However, if they are past the point of donation for humans – place them in a bag for the animal shelter.

If you are struggling to get your linen cupboard in order before your guests arrive, or the task is just too overwhelming, contact Well Organised and we can perform a linen cupboard overhaul. We also offer easy to use bed linen labels that can be easily ironed on. This will leave you with more time to do the things you enjoy.

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