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Tips for Tidying Up

Tips for Tidying Up

It is very exciting to be in on the Marie Kondo craze with her new Netflix series, “Tidying Up”.  How the “If it brings joy” craze is motivating people to purge their belongings is amazing. I truly believe that anything that inspires us to remove clutter from our lives is beneficial! 

Below I offer some of my helpful organisation tips to assist you to create a Well Organised life.

  • Discard any plastic ware that is missing a lid, is peeled or cracked or that you never use – yes, that includes the egg poacher!
  • You really don’t need more than ten tea towels, and let’s be honest, if you’re using three and three are in the wash, maybe reduce your pile to just six.
  • Unless you regularly make jam, get rid of that huge pot that takes up valuable space in your kitchen cabinet. Donate it or offer it to a friend or family member who will use it, you can always ask to borrow it if the need arises. 
  • Discard excess sheets from your over-crowded linen cupboard. Unless you have children going through night-time toilet training, you only need to keep two sets of sheets per bed. This allows for one on the bed and one in the wash.
  • Try keeping only a couple of pieces of your child’s artwork. Ask your child to help by selecting their favourite pieces. Using inexpensive frames I made a picture gallery out of my children’s best pieces and ‘discretely’ disposed of the rest. As much as we all would like to think our children are mini Picasso’s, it is just not practical to keep every piece or artwork our child brings home.
  • Convert any sentimental VCR tapes to a DVD or USB and then toss out the rest. They take up a lot of space and are usually stored in boxes gathering dust on a high shelf. The same goes for music tapes, check with your local charity shop to see if they accept them, donating can bring you joy! 
  • Have you got old paint tins and chemicals in your shed that have been sitting around for years? If you no longer need them or don’t know what they are, find the tip in your area that accepts domestic chemical waste and get rid of the lot!


Well Organised helps people make the most out of their space to tidy up for 2019. Call us now and see how we can help you.

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