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Tips To Help Make Your Bathroom Work For You

Tips To Help Make Your Bathroom Work For You

The bathroom is often the smallest room in the home, but its size has little to do with its importance. It’s a high-traffic area that’s difficult to keep clean and tidy, and let’s face it, nobody really wants to clean out their bathroom, but we promise that a couple of hours invested will keep you on top of things for months to come. In order to make this small space work better for you, there are some simple things you can do.

  • Group Like with Like

When organising the bathroom, remove all items from drawers and cupboards, spread them on the counter top or a temporary fold-out table. Group like items together so you can clearly see what you have. This is also the time to get rid of your old eye shadows, lipsticks, lotions, and skin care. 

  • What to do with all your stuff.

Take a look at everything you’ve decided to keep and ask yourself if each item or group needs to be in the bathroom. Many things that end up in the cabinet often belong in other rooms of the house. Put those in a box and put them away later.

  • How to best utilise your bathroom cabinet

If you have a cabinet installed on the wall, only keep items that are in constant use here, e.g. toothbrush and paste, everyday skin care. Items that you use only from time to time can go underneath in the cupboard. To make it easier to access items, place tweezers, make-up brushes etc into containers.

  • Bathroom Drawers

In order to make the whole bathroom function better, get a basket or container for each group, and use as many as you can to sort your items. Keep the hair dryer with the brushes and the straightener. Use another bin for the cleaning supplies, place the toilet paper in another and keep it towards the front so guests can easily find a spare roll. A great tip for sorting your makeup is to use a stationary desk organiser, it is already divider into small sections.

  • Think Vertically

If you have the room use the space above the toilet for an extra shelf or two. This is a great place to keep clean towels, extra containers, and decorative items to make your bathroom feel like your own personal spa.

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