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Tips To Organise Your Drawers

Tips To Organise Your Drawers

It’s about time to organise that space you’re dreading. We’re not talking about a big space, but might seem like a tedious task. You know that drawer you put stuff you don’t know what to do with in? That’s what we’re organising. 

The drawer I organised is the perfect example. Eventually, your makeup collection can become disorganised with dozens of products. You end up piling too many things and loose everything that’s on the bottom or in the back.  It didn’t take long to organise this space and I highly recommend clearing your secret junk space as well. You will feel a huge difference in the functionality of your space, not to mention the satisfaction of opening a perfectly organised drawer.

TIP 1 - Take everything out!

Whether you’re organising a drawer or a whole room, removing as much as possible gives you a blank canvas to work with. Spread all of your items out in a larger space. It will make it easier to see what you’re organising.

TIP 2 - One at a time

When organising a space that has a lot of miscellaneous items or a variety of products, this can become overwhelming. When I am organising a space, I go through each item one by one and see if each item has a purpose and if it really belongs in the drawer.

TIP 3 - Throw out the trash

Throw away anything that hasn’t been in use since you put it in the junk space. For makeup this can mean throwing away products past their use by date and for your junk drawer this can mean cables, cords and knick knacks. Some items probably belong somewhere else, so put them away, don’t put them back in the drawer.

TIP 4 - Group items

Once you have sorted out your items and decided what you’ll be keeping, group them into relevant categories. In the photo of the makeup drawer, the items are split into their product categories. This can work similarly for other items by creating a ‘theme’ for the drawer. You can take inspiration from how I categorised the makeup drawer. 

TIP 5 - Use boxes or dividers

To avoid a disorganised drawer in the future, take action now. Designate a clear area for each item or group of items to make everything much easier to access and therefore quicker to use. There are great organisation systems available for all spaces, from drawer dividers to baskets, there are options to suit all types of spaces. Be creative, I used a desk stationery insert for the makeup drawer! Once you have everything organised it’s much easier to work out how to store each category. 

If you are looking to have your drawers professionally organised, or the task is too overwhelming, contact us at Well Organised and we can perform this task for you, allowing you more time to do the things you enjoy.

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