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Unpacking & Styling Your New Home: A Professional Organiser's Guide

Unpacking & Styling Your New Home: A Professional Organiser's Guide

Moving to a new home marks an exciting new chapter in your life. However, packing and unpacking your items can be an exhausting process. From packing up your entire life to navigating the logistics of a move, it's no wonder people find themselves physically and mentally drained when they finally arrive at their new home. Efficiently unpacking and organising your belongings is an important step in making your new house feel like a home. To help you have a smooth unpacking process, here are our tips to make unpacking your new home easier.

How to Unpack Efficiently After Moving

Prepare and Plan Each Room

Before you start the unpacking process, it's essential to prepare and plan each room. This means having a clear vision of how you want your new space to look. Creating a layout or design plan for each room can help you unpack with purpose and style in mind. This step ensures that your belongings find their ideal places in your new home.

Planning where you want items in your new home while you’re packing will make this process easier. Clearly labelling each box ahead of time will help you keep tabs on where everything belongs.

Use a System

A systematic approach to unpacking is key to a successful move. This may involve unpacking items by priority, organising them by category, or following a room-by-room sequence. Mapping out your unpacking order will make the process smoother and more manageable.

Unpack One Room at a Time

Unpacking room by room keeps the process organised. Going back and forth between rooms can make unpacking chaotic and lead to items being misplaced. By focusing on a single room at a time you can make sure everything is accounted for before moving on.

Start Unpacking Your Essential Rooms First

Consider which rooms and areas you want to unpack first. Make sure those boxes are the first boxes you bring to your new home. Rooms such as kitchens and bedrooms should be prioritised when unpacking as they contain essential items you need to keep your home running.

If you aren’t able to fully unpack your kitchen, just setting up kitchen appliances and utensils first will make your life easier. You can always go back and organise your kitchen properly.

Hiring Professional Organisers to Help You Unpack

If you don’t have time to unpack and organise your new home, professional organisers can do the unpacking for you. Imagine your new home being completely unpacked and styled without having to even open a moving box. Well Organised offers a packing and relocation service that makes your move seamless and easy.

Our team of professional organisers will not only take care of unpacking and styling your new home but can also help declutter and pack your old home as well. If you need our help with moving and unpacking, Get in touch with us today.

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