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5 Common Home Organising Mistakes to Avoid

5 Common Home Organising Mistakes to Avoid

Organising your home should be a simple task. However, despite our best intentions, it’s easy to make well-intentioned missteps during the process. If you've ever found yourself wondering why your attempts at organisation seem to unravel, fear not. In this blog, we unveil some common organising mistakes and how to overcome them.

Not Decluttering First

One of the biggest home organising mistakes is neglecting the crucial step of decluttering. It’s impossible to organise a room that is filled with unused items. Decluttering lays the foundation for effective organisation by helping you decide what is essential. This way you not only dispose of unnecessary items, but you also have fewer items to find a place for.

Buying Storage Containers First

Buying a plethora of storage containers is often people’s first thought when they start the organising process. In reality, purchasing storage baskets and containers without knowing what needs to be stored and how much space it requires will only make organising more difficult. 

Prioritise understanding your storage needs before investing in storage products. Measure your shelves and drawers, then decide what containers are necessary. Identify each room’s storage requirements and research products before embarking on a storage shopping spree.

Designating a Single Day to Organising

Effective organisation is a gradual process that requires thoughtful consideration and planning. Instead of overwhelming yourself with an unrealistic deadline, break the task into manageable chunks, focusing on one area at a time. This not only ensures a more thorough job but also prevents frustration and exhaustion. Using a declutter checklist can help make the process more manageable. Choose one category at a time and work through the checklist at your own pace. You should also continue to organise your house regularly after your initial home organisation.

Confusing “Clean” and “Organised”

The ultimate goal of home organisation is to make your house both clean and useable. Your house may look clean, but it may just be organised clutter. Filling shelves in an attempt to clear space isn’t going to help you get organised. This can often cause you to keep unnecessary items and put items you use frequently in hard-to-reach areas, making it hard to maintain order.

Trying to Organise By Yourself

Attempting to organise your space alone can often lead to frustration and burnout. Enlist the support of family members or friends, turning the task into a collaborative effort. Different perspectives can bring fresh ideas and efficiency to the process. Additionally, sharing the workload can make the entire experience more enjoyable.

Professional organisers can also help you declutter and organise. The team at Well Organised can help you bring order and calm to your space. Get in touch today to find out more about our home organising services.

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