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Label Packs - Pantry

Label Packs - Pantry

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Product Description:

Our pre-printed label packs make it easy to add the finishing touches to your space. Simply peel and stick the crystal clear labels onto your canisters or storage tubs and enjoy the beautiful results!

These packs have been carefully created to include the most commonly requested labels during our years working as home organisers.

If the label you are looking for is not included here or you would like to purchase individual labels, not a problem, our custom labels are what you need.


  • Label Height - approx. 3cm
  • Label Width - approx. 6cm - 9.5cm 

Label Pack - Pantry Starter - 36 Labels; arborio rice, apricots, basmati rice, biscuits. brown rice, caster sugar, cereal, cereal, cookies, corn flour, crackers, dried fruit, granola, icing sugar, jasmine rice, lasagne, museli, nuts, oats, pasta, pasta, plain, flour, popcorn, pumpkin seeds, raw sugar, savoury food prep, self raising flour, snacks, snacks, spaghetti, sugar, sultanas, sunflower seeds, sweet food prep, white rice, wholemeal flour

Label Pack - Pantry Deluxe - 59 Labels; pantry starter pack plus, almonds, baking powder, baking, soda, bicarb soda, breadcrumbs. cacao powder, cashews, chia seeds, chocolate, cocoa powder, coconut, dried fruit, gluten free, flour, lollies, mixed nuts, onions, peanuts, pine nuts, potatoes, sesame seeds, snacks, walnuts, weetbix

Label Pack - Pantry Ultimate - 83 Labels; pantry deluxe pack plus, almond flour, almond meal, bakers flour, beans, buckwheat flour, chickpeas, cous cous, cranberries, coconut flour, currants, dates, figs, freekah, hazelnuts, lentils, linseed, macadamias, mixed fruit, pecans, pistachios, quinoa, rice flour, spelt flour, yeast

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